Down by the River to Pray

What an adventure this year has been! I am so lucky to have you all on this journey with me. Here's a snapshot of my year: 

Happy New Year. House boat for a month. Bought my first tour bus. Released a new record. Toured the record. Bus catches fire. Awesome fans show up to save the day. Alaska. Gibson is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. New Management. Move back to Nashville. New chapter. Transition and uncertainty. 

As I move forward and turn the page of life, there is a dissonance in the air. Happiness and sadness coexist, but not without contesting one another. There are so many uncertainties during periods of growth and change in our lives. Amen? To trust in the process is a tall order. What is faith if it is not tested? I cannot deny the presence of God as I move through this shifty wormhole of uncomfortability. I can feel myself coming out of my skin, but behind the curtain, a still small voice of peace transcends the fear. 

Change is always hard. Even when it's good. Transition feels like a holding tank. I just moved into a beautiful new home near the Germantown, East Nashville area. My back deck overlooks the Cumberland River, and the trees are multi-shades of red, orange, and yellow. I cannot get enough of the view. For the first time in a very long time I have a tangible sacred space to call home. It is soul nurturing during this season, and new creative spaces are opening inside of me. It's absolutely beautiful and absolutely terrifying. 

Looking at the snapshot of my year, it is clear that sanctuary is my only path in the short term. Life is unearthing around me, and it feels good to be grounded. Prayer is at the foreground. And I am grateful for the river reminding me that our journeys are ever flowing. We are part of a great revival, bigger than ourselves. Love carries us downstream, closer each day to the life-giving source. 

Be blessed, my friends. I cannot wait to share new music and story with you. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the way you serve and the way you love in this world. It needs you. 

The view from my bedroom window

The view from my bedroom window