The Band Waggin’ is a non-profit 501 c3 founded by award winning singer-songwriter and animal lover, Sarah Peacock. We strive to raise awareness and interest in animal health, wellness, and rescue programs throughout the United States.

Our company is inspired by Sarah’s love for her first road dog, Gibson. Gibson spent 9 years on the road and was the world’s greatest rock ‘n roll dog. In 2016 Gibson was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After being told she was out of options to save her best friend, Sarah discovered a clinical trial in Colorado that would give Gibson a new mitral valve. Doctors were hopeful that Gibson would be the first dog to be completely cured of Mitral Valve Disease as a result of this innovative procedure. Unfortunately, Gibson did not make it. To honor his memory and life on the road, Sarah started The Band Waggin’ in Gibson’s honor. 

The Band Waggin’ donates proceeds from the sales of our adorable, punny t-shirts to charitable causes that support the rescue, rehabilitation, fostering, health, or wellness of animals. We like to spread the love around, so the organizations benefiting from our support change from month to month. If you would like your organization to be considered for the “cause of the month,” please apply via the form below. 



The Mighty Hearts Project

October 2018's "cause of the month" is the Mighty Heart's Project. This organization is very special to our hearts. They provided such incredible support for Sarah and her family when Gibson was diagnosed and while he was undergoing his mitral valve replacement surgery. 

The Mighty Hearts Project was founded by owners of dogs who have benefited from surgical intervention with Dr. Masami Uechi in both Versailles, France and at his clinic, JASMINE, in Japan.  Each founding member has had a unique experience with their dog's diagnosis, pre-surgical treatment, intervention, post-surgical challenges, and recoveries.  We feel passionately about bringing visibility to this surgery by sharing our knowledge and experience with the world.  Our goal is to advance the care for dogs by collaborating with veterinarians and other supporters globally to bring you current research and updates on emerging techniques regarding mitral valve disease and repair.


Could your organization benefit from receiving our donations? Apply here and tell us more about how you're helping the animals in your community.