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about sarah peacock

From bad record deals to tour busses catching on fire, Sarah Peacock's fifteen year solo career has been full of ups and downs. This Atlanta native troubadour is a perseverance pro! Her new critically acclaimed album, Burn the Witch, is heavy leaning on social justice issues and has won the hearts of the press and fans alike. 

Casting her own harrowing spell, singer-songwriter Sarah Peacock draws parallels between current events and the 1962 Salem Witch Trials with the title song to her eighth album, Burn the Witch. 

Peacock works her magic across every single moment, each syllable diligently carrying its weight and heart. The music is expertly packaged and delivered with a sense of urgency while never feeling heavy-handed or exploitative. 


new album // burn the witch

Sarah Peacock's new album is a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.”

— Riffs & Rhymes

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